TIMS Medical

Version Release Information

TIMS MVP Version Release Information:

TIMS MVP version 4.6 released February 2023

1)    MP4 video conversion to JPG upon DICOM send for compatibility with PACS systems that do not support MP4 yet. Intended for longer format studies including FEES, general endoscopy, and surgical video.
2)    Improved editing flexibility with split/combine, subclip creation, and compound clip creation (ability to combine multiple series into one larger series and change the temporal order).
3)    New and improved Channel Configuration with live video display, area of interest creation, audio detection, trigger detection, and pre-sets for MBS and FEES.
4)    Saturation adjustment for color video
5)    Side-by-side study compare
6)    Leading black frame automatic elimination for MBS studies
7)    Beta testing for notes and reporting (pre-authorized customers only)

TIMS MVP version 4.5 released April 2022

1)    Integrated scoring and rating for industry standard protocols:.
        Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile (MBSImP)
        Dynamic Imaging Grade of Swallowing Toxicity (DIGEST)
        Penetration-Aspiration Scale (PAS)
        Functional Oral Intake Scale (FOIS)
2)    Customized scoring and rating
3)    Measurement tools including area, distance, & velocity. Practical examples include residue, hyoid excursion and superior/anterior displacement, bolus velocity, and the timing of swallowing events. Telestrations and text labels can be added.
4)    DICOM query/retrieve
5)    USB video acquisition
6)    New telestration tools including magic wand and magic
7)    Additional sorting and labeling options
8)    TIMS Connect for real-time streaming of the live study and a room camera view to a TIMS Review workstation on the hospital network, as well as two-way audio communication and optional remote control of the TIMS MVP application.

TIMS MVP version 4.2 released April 2021

1)    DICOM send in MPEG-4 format
2)    Mouse wheel for frame-by-frame movement
3)    International date localization
4)    Improved performance with large study lists
5)    Allow study recording via warning if audio not detected

TIMS MVP version 4.0 released November 2020

1)    Initial release of TIMS MVP