TIMS & TDRS v3.1 Upgrades Released

(Chelmsford, MA – January 27, 2014) The TIMS Medical division of Foresight Imaging announces the release of the TIMS DICOM System & TDRS version 3.1 software upgrades. This powerful upgrade builds on the TIMS v3.0 platform first introduced in January 2013. This platform runs the Windows 7 64 bit operating system, and provides medical video acquisition from any medical modality. It also provides DICOM connectivity to any PACS or VNA. The most popular applications are the recording, review, and analysis of modified barium swallow speech pathology and endoscopy studies.

The v3.1 release focuses on productivity and workflow enhancements, primarily for users in speech pathology and endoscopy:

• User rights: Now includes full Windows user rights functionality with Windows 7.
• DICOM Receive Service: This is a separate Windows service that provides the capability to receive DICOM studies even when the user is logged out or the computer is locked. Studies are received by the service and then “swept” into TIMS or TDRS when the user starts the application. This is especially useful in speech pathology applications where the TDRS system is in the speech pathology office or lab and may be locked or logged off when a study is sent to it from the fluoroscopy suite.
• Advanced Viewer: Changes to the layout and functions to improve workflow.
• Archive to Network: Enhancements to allow new folder creation and navigation for archiving.
• Edit Study: Workflow improvements to streamline editing of a saved study.

“Based on consistent feedback from our customers, we have added these important productivity features to improve and shorten their workflow, resulting in improved patient care. These improvements, especially the DICOM Receive Service & and the Advanced Viewer workflow enhancements, save significant time and streamline review and analysis,” said Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.


TIMS 3.1 is available now. This upgrade is available to all TIMS Windows 7 customers that are on a current support & maintenance plan. Go to www.tims.com or contact your TIMS sales representative for further information.

About the TIMS DICOM System & TDRS

The TIMS DICOM System is the flagship product of TIMS Medical. With over 3000 systems in use, it provides speech pathology and endoscopy acquisition, review, analysis, and DICOM connectivity worldwide.

TDRS (TIMS DICOM Review Software) is a software-only version of the TIMS software. It receives studies from the TIMS DICOM System over the network, and allows speech pathologists and other medical professionals to review and analyze their studies from the comfort of their own offices or labs. This greatly improves medical productivity and throughput by freeing up the medical procedure room for the next patient immediately after the study is completed.

About TIMS Medical & Foresight Imaging

TIMS Medical is a division of Foresight Imaging focused on finished medical devices for DICOM & PACS connectivity, speech pathology review & analysis, endoscopy connectivity, medical video distribution, and real-time medical imaging consulting & collaboration. For further information, visit www.tims.com or email info@tims.com.

Foresight Imaging is a world leader in the design of high accuracy, high performance video streamers, frame grabbers, & medical imaging hardware and software.

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Press Contact

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