Studies in DICOM & on PACS!




With the large investments hospitals have made in PACS and EMR, and the requirement of digital retention of medical imaging studies, hospitals and imaging centers are now implementing the storage of their endoscopy studies on PACS. This includes colonoscopies, GI procedures, general surgery, and much more. The TIMS DICOM System is a quick, easy, and inexpensive method of storing these studies on PACS. TIMS provides a simple and easy workflow for physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff involved in endoscopy studies. The only interaction necessary with the TIMS systems is querying the DICOM Modality Worklist for the input of the proper patient information, and then sending the study to PACS at the end of the study. Just a few quick mouse clicks (or using a touch screen monitor) to easily get your endoscopy studies immediately on PACS! All image and video stream capture is automatic via the direct connection of the TIMS to the triggering mechanism of the endoscope. As the physician normally pushes the button or trigger on the endoscope (previously for printing to thermal paper, or recording to videotape), the TIMS system automatically acquires the images or video. The video is then instantly available for review and labeling on the TIMS system. Additionally, TIMS offers much more for more advanced and powerful workflows within endoscopy.



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can have all of your endoscopy studies available on PACS!


TIMS is compatible with any medical modality such as



  1. Quick & easy workflow
  2. Acquire images & video in DICOM
  3. Standard & high resolution including 1080p
  4. Intravascular Ultrasound
  5. Instant access to studies


    1. Replace low quality thermal paper, VCRs, & DVDs
    2. Simple editing
    3. Image annotation with text overlay
    4. Send the entire study or portions of the study to PACS
    5. Record to CD/DVD/USB/Network