Hospital Administrators

CFOs, Department Heads


  • TIMS Saves Money: Extends the life of current medical equipment. Saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades and new equipment costs.
  • TIMS Reduces Costs: Eliminates or reduces the use of film & videotape.

Digital imaging in the medical field has finally come of age and there’s no looking back – but can your hospital or clinic afford expensive upgrades for new digital equipment in all departments? Most cannot, especially after already having invested large amounts of money in PACS. That’s why hundreds of TIMS systems are being used right now as a cost effective solution to the need for efficient, accurate, and secure digital images. TIMS has already saved hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in upgrades and new equipment costs for hospitals and clinics like yours.

TIMS also eliminates the expense of certain consumables such as film and videotape. By converting still and video images to DICOM – the medical digital standard – TIMS enables any department to then push the images to a PACS. If your hospital is not yet hooked up to a PACS system, TIMS is indispensable as a digital conversion tool that queries DICOM Modality Work Lists and burns to CDs or DVDs. The images can also be saved in a variety of image formats and sent to DICOM and Windows printers.

If any of your departments that use imaging technology – radiology, cardiology, endoscopy, microscopy, etc – are requesting digital upgrades, TIMS is the most cost-effective solution. TIMS will digitally-enable any modality in your hospital at a fraction of the cost of equipment upgrades. The studies will be in DICOM format and available for review anywhere on your PACS network.