TIMS Medical

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TIMS Medical provides high resolution video & audio recording, PACS/VNA connectivity,& live, remote video collaboration solutions to hospitals and healthcare providers.

Our easy-to-use products, all based upon our innovative TIMS Medical Video Platform technology, deliver significant workflow andproductivity gains for radiology, endoscopy, speech pathology, cardiology, surgery, & healthcare IT departments worldwide.

Our Products


for MBSS


  •   High Resolution Video
  •   Synced Audio
  •   30 Frames Per Second
  •   Real-Time Labeling
  •   Editing
  •   Archive to PACS/VNA


for FEES


  •   Record Entire Study
  •   HD Color Video
  •   30 Frames Per Second
  •   Hands Free Operation
  •   Edit to Create Sub-Clips
  •   Archive to PACS/VNA


for Endoscopy


  •   Connect to any Endoscope
  •   Snap Shots & Motion Video
  •   High Resolution
  •   Start/Stop Using Endoscope
  •   Interpret in doctor’s office
  •   Archive to any PACS/VNA

Live, Remote Collaboration


  •   Interactive Video Broadcast Network
  •   Steam High Resolution Video
  •   Collaborate from Anywhere
  •   Live Telestrations
  •   Pause, Rewind, Resume Live
  •   Multi-Party Audio

All products are built on our TIMS Medical Video Platform technology, providing high
performance & productivity for video recording, editing, archiving, and real-time collaboration.