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TIMS Medical modernizes outdated workflows for recording and archiving video from any medical imaging procedure. Our TIMS MVP solution records video live from any medical modality, and includes innovative and efficient tools for reviewing, editing and reporting. TIMS MVP’s flexible connectivity ensures all studies are available enterprise-wide to any PACS, VNA, and EMR, resulting in maximum productivity, reduced budgets, and improved patient outcomes.


Swallow Study Recording


  •   High Resolution Video
  •   Synced Audio
  •   30 Frames Per Second
  •   Real-Time Labeling, Editing
  •   MBSImP Scoring
  •   Archive to PACS/VNA



FEES Study Recording


  •   Record Entire Study
  •   HD Color Video
  •   30 Frames Per Second
  •   Hands Free Operation
  •   Edit to Create Sub-Clips
  •   Archive to PACS/VNA



Endoscopy Study Recording


  •   Connect to any Endoscope
  •   Snap Shots & Motion Video
  •   High Resolution
  •   Start/Stop Using Endoscope
  •   Interpret in doctor’s office
  •   Archive to any PACS/VNA


Live, Remote Collaboration


  •   Stream Live Modality Video to Any Computer
  •   Software Add-On to any TIMS System!
  •   Two-Way Webcams, Interactive Audio
  •   Included with every TIMS System for 1 year
  •   Use Existing Hospital Network
  •   Optional Remote Telestration & Control


TIMS MVP For Swallow Studies

TIMS MVP enables video capture at 30 frames per second for swallow studies. Take advantage of synchronized audio to pair what you see with what you hear.

Real-time labeling saves you at least 5 minutes per study, and our built-in rating module supports methods such as MBSImP, DIGEST, PAS & FOIS for facilitating the adoption of standardized protocols for clinical diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Archive quickly to any vendor-neutral archive (VNA) or picture-archiving communication system (PACS) to optimize your current workflow.



TIMS MVP is also an ideal solution for fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) studies.

Record the entire procedure with the ease and convenience of hands-free operation. The HD color video is recorded at 30 frames per second for maximum temporal detail along with synchronized audio. Quick edit functions allow you to create sub-clips in seconds with a few clicks and archive them to any PACS and VNA systems.


TIMS MVP For Endoscopy

Our TIMS MVP for endoscopy is compatible with any endoscope — a simple connection provides high-resolution snapshots or motion video. Control the recording start and stop functions from your endoscope for convenient operation. Fast and efficient built-in editing tools allow you to quickly save only what you need. As with FEES and swallow studies, you can archive the images directly to any VNA or PACS platforms for enterprise-wide accessibility.


Collaborate With TIMS Connect

One way we differ from other medical imaging solutions companies is through our collaboration technology, TIMS Connect. This software add-on allows livestreaming of any medical video to any computer within the hospital system. With two-way webcams and audio support, you can:

  • Train students without crowding the treatment room.
  • Consult with experts within the health system live.
  • Supervise procedures remotely.

TIMS Connect access is complimentary for a year, so you can trial it without risk.



Work With a Leader in Medical Imaging Solutions

TIMS Medical is a division of Foresight Imaging LLC, a trusted source of imaging boards for medical and defense applications since 1999. Our flagship TIMS System debuted in 2004, and we continue to improve it with investments in features and innovation.

Email a TIMS Medical team member to learn more or request a free demonstration today.


All products are built on our TIMS Medical Video Platform technology, providing high
performance & productivity for video recording, editing, archiving, and real-time collaboration.